Anthony Darnell

Anthony Darnell is a freelance writer living in Seattle, WA who has contributed to Phantastiqa and He’s the former Managing Artistic Director of The Satori Group (Stranger Genius Award nominee), but mostly kicks around town these days with his band Killer Workout, which was named after the 1987 horror movie of the same name.

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In the pantheon of 80s horror movies, Poltergeist is oft-overlooked. At a time when gore-filled slashers were in vogue—thanks in part to the success of the Friday the 13th and Halloween film series—Poltergeist relied on a simple, Grimms’ Fairy Tales-esque plot to deliver its frights. Exploring universal themes of love, death, and greed, Poltergeist is the rare family-horror film that doesn’t pander explicitly to children.