The list of good science-fiction comedies is surprisingly short, but there are a few notable standouts against a field of mostly duds—Ghostbusters (1984), Back to the Future, Spaceballs, and Groundhog Day (yes, it’s definitely science fiction) to name a few. But there’s one movie that personifies both science fiction and comedy to its very core. And, of course, I’m talking about Galaxy Quest!

If you’re one of those poor souls who love science fiction but have never seen Galaxy Quest, I beg you to stop everything and go watch this movie. I can tell you—with utmost sincerity—that you won’t regret it. It’s about the cast members of a canceled space-adventure television series (think Star Trek) that get caught up in a real-life intergalactic battle to protect the Thermians from the evil Sarris. From start to finish, it’s a riveting, hilarious, and action-packed story that explores complex issues surrounding fandom and hero worship. Galaxy Quest features an all-star cast—Tim Allen, Sigourney Weaver, Alan Rickman, Sam Rockwell, Tony Shalhoub, and Justin Long—and it’s a true late-90s gem. It’s not to be missed.

The cast of Galaxy Quest (1999).
The cast of Galaxy Quest.

On December 25 of this year (UPDATE: Never Surrender is now available to stream on Amazon), Galaxy Quest celebrates its 20th anniversary (does anyone else feel hella old now?) and Screen Junkies—the YouTube channel behind Honest Trailers­—is teaming up with Fathom Events for a one-night-only screening of Never Surrender: A Galaxy Quest Documentary on Tuesday, November 26.

Never Surrender tells the behind-the-scenes story of Galaxy Quest’s tumultuous production history and features interviews with the cast, creators, and science fiction icons like Wil Wheaton (Star Trek), Brent Spiner (Star Trek), and Damon Lindelof (Lost). You can check the Fathom Events website to see if it’s playing in your area.

You’ll be gearing up for Thanksgiving that week, but make sure you take the time to check this documentary out.

UPDATE: Never Surrender is now available to stream on Amazon.

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