Sam Hart has been bringing his favorite images from horror films to life with LaserDisc-inspired cinemagraphs complete with fresh back cover copy so you can bask in the throw back glory. Today, he brings you, The Exorcist.

Laser disc cover for the film "The Exorcist" with pink title treatment. In the image, Regan floats above her bed while the priest blesses her with holy water.

The Exorcist – Loser Disco 1979 (ex rental from Video Station)

After shocking countless theater goers across the globe, William Friedkin’s fighting portrayal of demonic possession has finally made its way to the home.

Terrifying in its realism, Linda Blair stars as Regan – a bedeviled young girl fighting for her soul. Ellen Burstyn gives a heart wrenching performance as a mother losing the thing she loves most to an unspeakable evil. Max Von Sydow plays Father Merrin, a priest who battles the dark forces to bring Regan back from this hellish entity. But even with the Lord by his side and a bible in his hand, it may not be enough to save her.

Nominated for 10 Academy awards, The Exorcist is a suspenseful showcase that will have you questioning your beliefs . . . and perhaps your sanity.

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